Rug Introductions: The Kashan

Facts About this Rug:
  • The Kashan is a classical high-quality floral rug. Kashans do not use animal patterns
  • Like the Tabriz, the Kashan is generally a Persian workshop rug. It's made indoors in a rudimentary family-run factory
  • Hand-woven in the village of Kashan in Central Iran
  • Contains High quality Merino wool on cotton foundation
  • Colors come from vegetable dyes. The classical Kashan dyes are cochineal red and indigo blue. 
  • Weaver uses a high density Sennah knot to produce this fine Kashan rug


Kashans are typically 5 X 7 feet and in the larger sizes go to 10 X 14 feet


Kashans generally run $3000 and up for 5 X 7 and 10 X 14 will run $15,000-$20,000 for the larger sizes.

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