Rug Introductions: The Joshagan

Facts About this Rug:
  • Geometric with stylized figures. 
  • It originates in Southern Iran where it is woven locally by a nomadic tribe. A nomadic rug means that it's made outdoors in tents by nomadic tribes
  • The wool is grown and spun locally. The dyes are also prepared locally and are all vegetable dyes. 
  • The rug is woven on a cotton foundation, using the Ghiordes knot.  
  • The rugs have a medallion in the middle and are symnetical along the x- and y-axes
  • Small ornate figures and stylized flowers feature prominently into the rug


Joshagans are small and can fill in a tight space such as a foyer or entryway. They typically run 2 X 3 feet.


Joshagans typically start at $350

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