Rug Introductions: The Ivory Tabriz

Facts About This Rug:
  • This rug is called a Tabriz, so named after the Northwest Iranian city where these rugs are made.
  • What's unique about a Tabriz are the colors. You often find orange and a green among the hues
  • We know that the Tabriz dates back over 500 years.
  • The Tabriz is considered a "workshop rug" rather than a tribal rug. It is made in a family-run factory that is mostly made indoors.
  • Every part of the Tabriz is hand-made. The wool is locally sourced and the material is mostly wool with silk highlights.
  • The addition of silk highlights is the most valuable factor in the rug's pricing

Rugs start small at 5 X 7 and vary to room size

The rugs runs from $2,000 depending on rug density and amount of silk in the rug

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